Friday, May 20, 2005


Someone's pinched ten grand's worth of stuff from Kate Moss' car. But no, let's not all jump to conclusions, shall we? Apparently it was "two yobs."

The curiosity is that Moss hasn't called police - which is strange, as unless you report these things you can't make an insurance claim:

Model Kate, 31, found out later in the day but did not bother telling police. A neighbour in St John's Wood, North London, said: "She was upset at losing her jacket and boots. But she said it was not worth calling police as there's nothing they would do."

Mind you, if you leave two and a half grands worth of boots in your car, as Moss apparently did, you can probably afford to be a bit blase about property.

Moss, for some reason, drives a Land Rover, which must be really useful with those dirt tracks round St John's Wood.

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