Tuesday, May 24, 2005


We'd think twice before going to a restaurant owned by Sean Combs - Puff Diddy as was - especially if we were a lightning rod for misery and pain, but then Bobby Brown doesn'y seem to have the power of thinking through things in advance. So he and his chums went down to Justin's Restaurant (is Justin yet another of Diddy Daddy's ever-changing names?) and an evening out turned into a multiple stabbing, with two of Brown's yes men getting themselves into a fight with members 0f a "black mafia family". Unfortunately, the battling at a bar sort-of-works against the meticulous attempts to repair Brown's image with the Being Bobby Brown series he was in town to promote in the first place:

"The series, shot documentary-style, also allows fans and critics alike to see the real Bobby Brown -- as a family man and husband, apart from the headline scandals and allegations that have plagued, and at times overshadowed, the successful musician's career."

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RSL said...

Someone told me that Justin was his son or something. But since I didn't altogether care, it's hard to remember.

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