Wednesday, May 04, 2005


As if Lil'Kim didn't have enough troubles to contend with, now she's facing legal action from two blokes who claim she never paid them for the work they did on La Bella Mafia. Anthony Jeffries and Vincent Hart tell a tale that's slightly complicated:

Jeffries and Hart say in papers filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court that on Christmas Day 2002, about a month after work on the album was completed, the rap diva gave each man a piece of jewelry she said was worth $10,000.

However, court papers say, Lil' Kim demanded the jewelry back in July 2003 and threatened physical violence if the men refused. The men's lawyer, Kenneth Sussmane, said "a very large person came around to collect the pieces, and they gave them back."

We love this - it's like the start of Top Cat when he tips the doorman with a coin on a string. Kim's people claim the men did get paid, and that all this is little more than an attempt to cash-in on her being notorious due to her other court case.

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