Sunday, May 01, 2005


Oh, god. We knew she'd be worse than ever if anyone bought the new record, and, indeed, Mariah Carey has started to be more absurd than ever before. Seeing the success of the Queen musical and, well, we guess someone who's been out in the cold wilderness so long, even that Rod Stewart one must have seemed like an enormous shining example, Mariah has decided to write a "musical" based around one of her albums. Not, sadly, Glitter. She's planning on converting her 1994 Christmas album into a Broadway musical. She's not actually yet found any backer interested in pumping the enormous levels of cash needed to stage a musical into a show that would only be capable of, at best, a two month run at anytime, but we're sure if she promises to stand around in a push-up bra, they'll at least hear her out.

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