Thursday, May 19, 2005


There's still more mileage in the Kylie story, although since the story hasn't really moved on since "Kylie has breast cancer", the papers don't have a great deal to say. The Express merely copies yesterday's Mail angle, and marshalls some people who've come out the other side to be inspiring:

And the Mirror, um, has this:

Nuns! Nuns! Whatever next?

Curiously, the Daily Telegraph is offering "the best of Nirvana" as a download for a fiver - the Telegraph? Downloads? Nirvana? Can this all be right?

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Robin said...

Makes you wonder what Auberon Waugh would be thinking, if he'd lived to see it ... funny thing is, I used to be a huge fan of Craig Brown, but I've never bothered to read the latter's Way of the World columns. Thing is: you know how some people who themselves ate at McDonald's were pissed off when the Queen visited one, thinking that the whole point of the monarchy was that it Wasn't Like Them and if it tried to Be Like Them it might as well not exist? That's how I feel about the Telegraph.

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