Wednesday, May 18, 2005


With the news that Pete and Geoff are leaving Virgin's breakfast show - where they'd achieved the rare accolade of being a show on the network that people had heard of - bosses at the station have been quick to find someone who could fill the gap. But where would they find someone who nobody actually listens to, but have heard of? They didn't have far to search: Christian O'Connell has quit XFM to head into the virtual obscurity of AM pop radio.

It seems a much better fit for O'Connell than his previous two jobs on stations at least notionally more interested in music than making knob gags, although we're not quite sure we believe Christian when he says this:

"I can't wait to reach out to the country and beckon them to join me each morning with the combination of my show and the music we all love. Virgin Radio is a huge station, with a huge reputation. It's the station I have always wanted to be on, I am an avid listener and fan. It's a dream come true and I cannot wait."

Yeah, Christian - what wannabe radio presenter doesn't dream of being on the mighty 1215 metres on the medium wave? It's like a footballer saying "I always wanted to play for Bolton, even when i was a kid."

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Robin said...

A frequency so legendary (if only for its awfulness, particularly so in the bitter post-Marine Offences Act era) that people can't even tell the difference between metres and kilohertz when describing it ...

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