Tuesday, May 24, 2005


For the first time in ages, there's actually some last-minute Glasto headline speculation fun: who will headline Sunday night? The Scissor Sisters have said it won't be them, though. We'd have bet on it being Coldplay were they not already down to headline another night; usual fill-ins Pulp are in no state to be drafted in, so it's all still up for grabs.


Anonymous said...


it's a fake news story: celine dion to headline glastonbury sunday night, currently doing the rounds on email disguised as a hyperlink to the nme page. it looks good, they've even got the scrolling news bar at the top with actual nme headlines. the quotes are pretty funny, i imagine it's caused a few people to become rather furious...

simon h b said...

Ah! I bet it's a double bluff!

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