Thursday, May 19, 2005


It's long been the accepted wisdom that the chances of the Beatles getting back together (when they were still alive) were a strictly "over my dead body" affair, although then they wouldn't have still been alive anyway. However, May Pang, who filled in for Yoko Ono while Lennon and Yoko were on a break, claims that John Lennon never wanted the split to be permanent:

Though John and Paul did not write many songs together, they had always been sounding boards for each other's ideas and he missed that. He was always saying, 'I wonder what Paul is up to," Femalefirst quoted May as saying.

"I remember him saying, 'Do you think I should write with Paul again?' and I said, 'Absolutely, you should do it because it seems you want to. As solo performers you are good but together you can't be beaten,"

The odd thing, of course, was that Pang was Lennon's confidant in 1973, so if he really had been keen to work with Paul, he'd have to have been really procrastinating what with not getting round to telling Paul in the next decade. And it's slightly odd that nobody else seems to have got the impression that John was keen to hook up with Macca again.

We suspect what might have happened is - since she shagging John after he split with Yoko, and before he got back together with Yoko - May came in and heard the end of a phone conversation where John was saying "God, we really should get back together - can you imagine how great that would be?" and when she challenged him he thought quickly and claimed "oh, that wasn't Yoko; I was talking to Paul... yes, Paul..."

We'll find out if our hunch is correct the more Pang reveals about her life with John. If she's saying "John not only wanted to work with Paul again, but he was keen for Paul to wear rubber knickers and bite his nipples", you'll know we're on the right lines.


Steve Cooke Scotland Entrepreneur said...

I actually think there is someone on planet earth as mad as me, outstanding blog and well done !!!

M.C. Glammer said...

I believe they all wanted to get back together at times, just not the same times.

Old chestnut: when former Stones manager Andrew Loog-Oldham was asked [after Lennon's death] how he'd get the Beatles back together he said, "3 bullets."

Anonymous said...

May Pang is a worthless cunt. A whore for hire paid by Yoko to fuck John. She has blown the whole thing out of proportion because she is a conniving cunt who just wants to make herself famous for fucking a beatle. She is a liar and a pathetic waste of space.

I agree with your hypothosis about the phone call though :)

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