Thursday, May 19, 2005


In a move which will doubtless have Big George, presenter of Three Counties Radio Milton Keynes opt-out breakfast, trembling like a lead, Christian O'Connell has declared war on every breakfast programme in Britain. Except Terry Wogan:

"Terry Wogan [on BBC Radio 2] is in a league of his own. But anyone else is fair game. British radio has got brilliant and varied breakfast shows, but not doing what I'm doing."

So, it's a battle to the death for second place, then. We're not sure how it is that O'Connell is convinced laddish humour doesn't exist on breakfast radio anywhere else, but then he is on the radio at breakfast so probably hasn't heard Chris Moyles.

O'Connell is especially proud of the Bounty Hunter feature:

Bounty Hunter involves listeners approaching celebrities on the street and asking them be interviewed by O'Connell in return for a £10,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

It is testament to his appeal that celebrities have been falling over themselves to get on what is a niche London station, with Brooke Shields, Kevin Spacey, Alice Cooper, Roger Moore, Sir Ian McKellen and Steven Spielberg among the contestants.

Hmm... we're not sure it's so much O'Connell's appeal as the ten grand for the charities that pulls them in, actually.

Of course, the big question is who will take over the breakfast slot on X-FM. Well, a fairly big question, if you live in London and don't care for Heart or Capital much.

GCap's Graham Bryce, who is responsible for developing Xfm, says it's "business as usual" at the station and that it will continue to "build on and encourage new talent", adding that its DJ roster includes Ricky Gervais, Lauren Laverne, Jimmy Carr and Justin Lee Collins.

We love the implication that Ricky Gervais might be interested in doing the breakfast shift almost as much as the implication that anyone would be in the least interested in listening to Jimmy Carr while they're showering.

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lizb said...

Oh shit. It's going to be Justin Lee Collins isn't it?

I can't take all the shouting. Although maybe that just means I shouldn't listen to breakfast radio.

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