Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Nobody seems to know how its happened, but Don't Believe The Truth, the new Oasis album has appeared online. Legally. It's turned up on the German iTunes site, nearly four weeks ahead of its supposed release date. And, should you wish to spend 99 cents (and have an account which will let you buy from Germany - which should mean any EU country, but they've not actually had their ass kicked on that yet) you can go to the site and buy it. In other words: you can be disappointed and bored by the album nearly a month ahead of your friends.

We don't know why the Germans are being used as a testing bed for this album - perhaps its revenge for the time Liam got the crap beaten out of him in Munich.

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dave bones said...

liam come kick yor ass. Or he would make a lot of noise thratening to and then just stick his fingers up when he saw you. Great blog innit.

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