Saturday, June 18, 2005


Every man has his weakness... and it turns out for Chris Martin, it's Dairy Milk. He don't do drugs, no way:

"I don't care what anyone else does - if you wanna get up in the morning, drop an E and do some stem-cell research, that's amazing. Personally, weed really does nothing for me.One time someone had some skunk, and I was really gonna make an effort to get stoned because I was sick of what everyone was saying about it. It didn't do anything. Y'know, chocolate does things for me that it doesn't do for anyone else."

We're not sure he's quite got the hang of weed here - sitting with your neck muscles clenched grimly determined to feel something is probably going to work against the very things it's meant to be doing for you. It's like dropping an E and then running round being angry that it's not working.

Still, it's chocolate that floats Martin's boat, is it? We wonder what he dreams of at night...

Elton John made out of chocolate

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M.C. Glammer said...

I bet he didn't inhale. We should be thankful. Imagine Coldplay being even more soporific after a few doobs? *Shudder*

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