Sunday, June 26, 2005


Inexplicably, and rather frustratingly, instead of giving us the joys of a Glastomultiscreen tonight, BBC THREE is sticking with the Best of Three offering - ho bloody ra; another chance to see Little Britain ("I am the only programme on the network") again and again instead of the stuff culled from around the fields.

True, there is the option of BBC FOUR, although their first offering of the evening is Jools Holland and his boogie woogie piano, as if the BBC doesn't cover Holland more than enough when he enforces his tinkling over the Later guests. If you stay up past Aubrey Manning's Landscape Mysteries, though, you can see Fema Kuti around midnight, one of the African artists who Bob Geldof imagines the global TV audience won't tune into. Watch it just to click BARB upwards and piss him off. Do it for us.