Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Yesterday, the tabloids had had to rush to catch up with the Jacko verdict; with 24 hours to prepare for the reaction story, they had a different problem - how to move the story on.

The Times ponders if Jackson can come back:

It's an interesting question, but if they'd strolled down to see what their colleagues were up to at The Sun, they'd have seen the problem he was facing: basically, Jackson is being painted as having got off, not an innocent man:

The angle being taken on the statement by his defense attorney that Jackson will no longer have kiddie sleepovers isn't, it's fair to say, sympathetic. Rather than "My innocent parties have been ruined forever by this evil court case", the papers are going it as close to "Righto, I'll stop fucking kids then, says Jacko" as they can:

- and they're not exactly underplaying the jurors who said that, actually, they wouldn't be surprised if Jackson was a kiddie fiddler, either:

The big question now, of course, is just how tiny and in debt Jacko is. The Mirror knows what it's got in the 'just how screwed is he' sweepstake - 6 stone; £160m in the hole':

Meanwhile, Jayne Middlemiss apparently tried to ban some of her topless photos - we're not quite sure why, as we'd assumed that they were all in the public domain anyway and it's not like she's ever been anything other than upfront about having been a glamour model anyway. Maybe she's just sick of being reminded about the wavy hair she used to have: