Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Amongst a growing sense of unease over the Live 8 plans, the National Secular Society have called on Bob Geldof to withdraw an invitation to the Pope:

NSS executive director Keith Porteous Wood said Geldof should not have written to the Pope about attending the Hyde Park event.

He said: "Inviting the Pope to Live 8 would be a slap in the face for all those currently working to stem the spread of Aids in Africa.

"Aids is destroying lives, communities and, ultimately, will destroy whole nations for generations to come unless greater efforts are made to check it.

"To invite the Pope, who has supported and reinforced this inhumane policy, to an event aimed at combating poverty through protest, verges on an obscenity. The invitation must be withdrawn immediately."

But, of course, Geldof would rather rub shoulders with the Pope than with Keith Porteous Wood - and for all his posturing as a blunt talker, Geldof actually doesn't seem to want to make any difficult demands.


mitya said...

live8 is bollocks, but i actually like this, as long as our friend with the pointy hat comes to one of the shows not in a catholic country. how often do you think the man is confronted - even if only by their presence - by thousands and thousands of people who think he's wrong?

simon h b said...

It's an interesting idea - making him take the stage and play keepy-uppy with an inflated condom would be great - but he'd remain cossetted and kept away from anyone who might point out the error of his ways; they'd only let him meet with yes-pontiffs like Bono and Bob

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