Thursday, June 30, 2005


I suppose, if you were looking for something nice to say about Coldplay, you couldn't begrudge them that Chris Martin knows how to repay historical debts - he's thinking of bringing Richard Ashcroft onstage during Live 8 because he's always liked the Verve and they're thinking of doing Bitter Sweet Symphony and... well, that's kind of nice, isn't it?

We do wonder how Ashcroft feels about this, though: after all, there was a time when the Verve very nearly did what Coldplay did, and became a transatlantic phenom-type thing, and - towards the end - were doing pretty much the same sort of thing. Surely going on stage with Chris Martin is going to be, for him, like those Kev-Bev adverts on TV, where the bloke who used to be in Three Up Two Down and his wife is humiliated into buying a shit car off more successful versions of themselves?


jona said...

"The Verve split up in 1999 reports The Sun."

first with the facts, the old currant bun.

simon h b said...

I love the way, though, that Ananova decides it's best to distance itself from controversial claims of that nature

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