Friday, July 15, 2005


So, the first BBC TWO TOTP airs this Sunday, but if you're hoping for a leap in quality, the who's on page will leave you feeling slightly disappointed. First item listed?

Fantastic Four 'Star Guest'

Alas, they're not singing or anything, but the cast of Marvel's new Fantastic 4 movie will be dropping in for a chat on this week's show.

Presumably if we did ring up and ask why, someone would have an answer, wouldn't they?


Simon said...

Hayseed Dixie? Who is this show aimed at?

other Simon said...

Plus the NEW number one, well surely that's the whole point. Anyway I'm surprised Tupac had time to go out and get himself shot as he seems to have been the single most industious rapper ever judging by the number of records he's released since he died

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