Sunday, July 31, 2005


Poor Bryan O'Lone - there he was, about to play a tune on stage, in front of an audience, as part of a Carnegie Hall competition, when his music teacher marched on stage, berated him, and - oh, yes - slammed the piano cover down on his fingers, like in a cartoon. According to a lawsuit the boy and his family have filed (this is, of course, America), Bryan had turned up expecting to play Chopin's Scherzo Number Two, but the preprinted programme had him down to do Beethoven's Pathetique. His music teacher, Yalena Ivanov, told him he'd have to do the Beethoven.

O'Lone said a recital judge told him he could play what he wanted, so he chose to play the Chopin. After a few notes, Yalena Ivanov came on stage and accosted him in front of the crowd of 300, according to the suit.

The Young Pianist Competition's board said O'Lone was assigned the Beethoven by Yalena Ivanov - who chose all music to be played - and was rejected when he asked for permission to play Chopin. He practised the Beethoven during rehearsal but when he got on stage, he told the crowd the program contained a misprint and that he would be playing Chopin, the group said in a statement released Thursday by Lana Ivanov.

"Mrs. Ivanov lowered the lid slightly (while holding it in her hands) so he could not continue to play and asked him to leave the stage," the board said.

After that, the boy's family screamed profanities at Yalena Ivanov while she was on stage, according to YPCNJ, which said the Ivanovs believe the suit will be dismissed.

It's fair to say you don't get that carry on over at rock competitions.

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