Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The Kaiser Chiefs are very, very keen you shouldn't confuse the re-release of I Predict A Riot with a desperate cash-in on a record which didn't really do that well on its first trot-out. Oh, no, apparently that first release wasn't a proper release at all:

"I Predict A Riot was given a limited release late last year, this single gives the track a full commercial release across Europe and pairs it with our newest track Sink That Ship, written on tour - and recorded in June this year with our good friend Steve Harris at the controls."

So, there - apparently, it isn't a re-release, the original release doesn't count. For some reason, mainly because it wasn't available in Belguim

While we're on the Kaiser Chiefs, something only really occurred to us while we were thinking about Live 8 this week: how on earth did they get chosen to open the American leg of the event? There's at least something eye-catching about kicking off with U2 and Paul McCartney, whatever we might think about Bono. But lifting the curtain with a largely unknown band from another country? No wonder not even MTV took it seriously...

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