Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Pete Doherty might think that leaving a slurred message on the 3am girls answerphone will do it for patching things up with Bob Geldof, but it might take more than that to smooth things over with the Big Gay Out organisers. This is Fake DIY report they want twenty grand from Pete and the band for the breach of contract which happened when the Babyshambles set didn't. Apparently, added to the long list of people who Pete has fedded up over the last couple of years is the new Mr Gay UK, who was meant to be given his prize by Pete:

'Doherty was supposed to play at 6pm and present Mr Gay UK with his trophy. It was a huge disappointment to Mr Gay UK, to our crowd, and to several dozen camp dancers, who were due to appear onstage with him.'

Since Doherty once pinched his bandmate's NME award trophy, it might have been for the best that he didn't get his hands on Mr. Gay UK's prize.

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ian said...

well that's just easy money, isn't it. Booking babyshambles, then claiming money when they don't show up. As if anyone could have seen that happening.

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