Thursday, July 28, 2005


Good Lord, he's like a one-man disaster area, isn't he? Pete Doherty's now smacked a Mirror journalist in the face; Laurie Hanna dashed straight off to the police to report the incident. Because the Met don't have anything better to do at the moment than get involved in another bloody Doherty allegation.

Hanna said: "Doherty was passing me on my left hand side and the next thing I knew his right fist had lashed out and connected with my left eye. "He shouted, 'What is it your paper calls me - fucking junkie scum?'."

We're a little bemused as to why, if Pete hates the Mirror so much, he's ringing up the 3am girls asking them to apologise to Geldof on his behalf. It's like there's some strange force compelling him to act in an irrational manner...

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