Friday, July 22, 2005


Well, this has got to be a first: a nightclub contest for women where the prize won't automatically go to the one with the largest chest. The Element, in Okanagan, is holding a contest where the prize is new breasts. Or at least a payment towards the cost of implants - if the woman wants a decent doctor who doesn't just use a hoover switched to 'blow' and a bag of kapok, she might find the prize only stretches to having one done.

We're not sure this is the great idea the management of the place seem to think it is - the obvious response is to wrinkle your nose and wonder about a place of entertainment that encourages its customers to mutilate themselves and present invasive surgery as something to be entered into after a couple of Bacardi Breezers rather than following serious consideration; and amongst those who don't take a anti-cosmetic surgery line, their take away thought will be "that's the nightclub full of flat-chested women, innit?"

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Kaden said...

For the geographically challenged, 'the Okanagan' an inland area of the province of British Columbia, in the former British colony of Canada.

British Columbia is the birthplace of well known rockstar penis receptacle Pamela Anderson.

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