Sunday, July 10, 2005


As Mariah Carey floats back to the top of the music industry (we know the names of everyone who bought the album, we'll be coming round to ask why soon), her sister, Alison Carey, has been back at her old job, too. A sting operation by undercover police caught Carey offering to "engage in sexual conduct" for USD250; she was fined USD200 for disorderly conduct in June - the fact she was picked up on June 13th would probably be a handy indication of what happens if you inflict huge fines on people for prostitution "offences" - asking poor people to raise large sums of cash in a hurry isn't exactly the best way to keep them off the streets.

Unlike her sister, Alison hasn't been able to balance her miserable life with a large pile of cash; she's HIV+ and has lost custody of both her kids and is now looking at a three month jail stretch. Mariah hasn't been in touch for a long while.

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