Wednesday, July 06, 2005


It's always nice to hear of what former pop stars are up, to and the reports from Lauryn Hill's recent Atlanta gig sound like something we'll all be a little sad to have missed:

"The reclusive singer emerged from hibernation to take the stage in 60s getup and an apparent mushroom wig to perform at the event. [...] Her band was distorted, and her usually full, soulful voice was unusually raw and weakened. [...] After plodding through three more “Miseducation” tunes and reciting a poem, Hill abruptly bounced to a round of silence. No applause. No boos. No anything, except perhaps stunned silence. The venue’s curfew was soon tossed around as a possible reason for the sudden ending."

There are few things more precious than a gig so puzzling the audience don't know if they should boo or if they're just missing something...

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