Sunday, July 31, 2005


After a good few years of laying low, CD:UK is starting to draw some of the heat usually reserved for Top of the Pops with stories circulating that ITV is considering axing the show unless some sort of modernisation takes place. Since Cat Deeley quit and left the show in the hands of charismatic Dave Berry (that's 'charismatic' as in 'astmatic' - he has a terrible allergy to charisma) and an ever-rotating list of co-presenters of a sort that made Clarkson on last week's Top of the Pops seem a great choice, audiences have started to stay away in such numbers that it can't only ber blamed on the lead-in from the misconcieved Ministry of Mayhem.

With ITV suffering ratings bleed everywhere, it can't afford to allow any under-perfomance anywhere across its portfolio. Doubtless some poorly-animated toy-pushing cartoon is already being lined up.


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