Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We've not seen any figures yet, but we've not heard of huge crowds of people being spotted in the Little Chefs up and down the A1 as they march from Hyde Park to Edinburgh, so we'll assume that moist people have decided to interpret Bob's call of a march on Edinburgh as being a metaphorical march. Although they have got Richard Branson, Natalie Imbruglia and Eddie Izzard up there, so that's a start. (I'm picturing the Goodies Olympics, where Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden had to represent the whole of the rest of the world.)

Meanwhile, Midge is still clearing up Bob Geldof's mess - he's trying to talk down expectations of a million people:

"I will not say the number that Bob said - I have never said the number Bob said. But the fact that 220,000 people walked through Princes Street the other day with one arrest was amazing.

"Those people aren't going to go away, they want to be there when the G8 leaders come here on Wednesday, they want to see the concert, they want to be part of this."

Hmm... I really hope Midge isn't suggesting that the people who marched on Saturday - specifically not sitting at home watching Elton John - have been drawn to the G8 protests because of Live 8; while bickering over who inspired what might be unseemly, the people in the city at the weekend were so obviously putting poverty before pop music it's a bit of an insult to try and co-opt them into Bob's battle for success.

Meanwhile, Midge is also having to cope with the suggestions that Live 8 has invited all these people to the city, and not really thought what they're going to do with them:

Ure, 51, said his main job was organising the running order for the 42,000-ticket show at Murrayfield, but claimed there were "a variety of things happening in Edinburgh".

He said: "Edinburgh is a big place, Glasgow is only around the corner, it's not that far away. Scotland has got enough interesting stuff to keep people entertained until Wednesday."

Aha - so, a million people will come to Edinburgh tomorrow, but they can entertain themselves on Thursday by all popping over to Glasgow for the day. It's going to be difficult finding a seat in Edwards on Sauciehall Street, then.


Anonymous said...

ha ha Edwards on Sauchiehall st - thank fuck its shut down now, but back when it was open it was exactly the kind of place the Geldofteers would head for - I think now its a shit 'American' SPorts Bar, run by ... Fosters!

M.C. Glammer said...

There doesn't seem much organised to keep the 950,000 not going to Murrayfield entertained, which is odd considering during the festival there's always bands playing in the gardens. Y'know, African bands and stuff.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm......actually Edinburgh is not a big place.i know it is hard to tell from which ever 5 star hotel him and his pal Bob are in,but it really aint.

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