Wednesday, July 20, 2005


After Charlie condemned him to a life of cheese toasties and PAs in student unions, James Bourne has come up with a smashing idea to keep the wolf from the door: he'll do a rock group, too:

"We still can't decide on a band name - we keep arguing about it!"

"The names we're fighting over are kind of embarrassing - they're not really that good."

"The music's like a harder, faster Busted."
(McFly, then?)

"It's me and four other friends of mine now, but it was nerve wrecking getting the people because I looked at loads of people and loads of really bad people turned up and I was really worried."

"But, in the end I got a really good band - they're awesome guys."

There's still a chance, of course, that Sting might be persuaded to take a role on lute.

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