Wednesday, July 06, 2005


And, no, that's not meant to be a flattering headline, either. According to this week's Grazia (admittedly, the same one which featured photos of a concert that hadn't taken place when it went to press):

A source has told Grazia magazine that Kate [Moss] believes her friends are looking at junkie rocker Pete [Doherty] in a "shallow, judgemental way".

And Londoner Kate claims she and Pete are creating their own "cult of personality - defiant, rebellious and poetic".

Oh, jesus help us. We really don't know where to begin - does Kate actually think that "personality cult" is a positive phrase? Or are they really hoping to turn themselves in the Josef and Alliluyeva of Primose Hill? More to the point - do they really think they're viewed as some sort of modern successor to the Shelleys? We've always had a soft spot for Kate, and are quite fond of Pete's work supporting Carl, but this is overplaying their hand to a dangerous extent. You're not the Shelleys, you're a circus sideshow. There's nothing rebellious or defiant about doing coke; it's just going to turn you ever more shallow and self-obsessed. Which seems to be proved by statements like this.

You want to be a cult. Instead, you're a pair of dancing bears. Wake up to yourself or shut up. Please.

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