Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Lenny Henry, that is not a kilt; it's an S&M skirt, and that's hardly appropriate, is it?

The Proclaimers are doing 500 Miles - long walk to justice, you see? - but rather distractingly, there's footage behind them of Richard Branson pootling about off his planes. Which all means something, we're sure.

Tucked away on BBC TWO Scotland, chaired by Editn Bowman - considering this is meant to be the one last heave, it feels more like the protest that time forgot. The stadium looks to be slightly less than heaving at its sides, too.

Oh, good grief - it's like all the tossers you were glad hadn't turned up to ruin Saturday for tonight, isn't it? Jamie Cullum and Natasha Bedingfield doing Love Is All You Need - although we'd imagine people in Africa might argue strongly that more than a dollar a day might help a bit, too - and Wet Wet Wet (or is it just Pellow) doing their chairidee cover of A Little Help From My Friends (wonder if McCartney is going to be donating all this PRS cash as well?)