Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Earlier in the week, there was a bit of worry that there might not be enough to keep people "entertained" (=not throwing stones at police) for protesters tempted to Scotland by Bob who were unable to get in to the Murrayfield Live 8 gig.

However, with a line-up which includes the Bedingfields. The Corrs and Texas, it's probably that there won't be enough to keep the people who do get into the gig entertained.

It's going out live on TV: BBC TWO Scotland from 8pm; BBC ONE Scotland from 10.45pm; and BBC THREE from 21.45. Viewers in the rest of the UK with Sky can see the Scottish versions of the main BBC networks by poking about in the top end of the channel guide, up beyond the porn.

It's also going to stream live across, which we guess means AOL has lost interest in the whole thing now.