Sunday, July 03, 2005


Twenty years ago, Bob treated Midge Ure like shit when it came to Live Aid: he was shut out of the room when the concert was announced, and then Ultravox got shunted off to a less prestigious slot during the gig itself. This time round, things were meant to be different, but when Midge was sent out to try and clean up some of the early mess generated by Bob's loopier ideas he might have got the sense that history was about to repeat itself. And, indeed, it did.

It seems the original idea was for Bob and Midge to do I Don't Like Mondays together - only, when Bob popped up to do the song, Midge was as surprised as everyone else: he was in the hospitality tent waiting for someone to tell him when they were going to go on.

Midge wasn't happy about being shafted. Again.

Also casting a gloom over the proceedings was Pete Doherty, who seems to have a dreadful time with his big moment during Elton John's set - we missed this, as we were having lunch. But apparently he couldn't remember the lyrics, carry a tune or even stand up straight while he was on stage. On the other hand, at least he wasn't as bad on stage as he apparently became off it. He didn't appear to still be around for Hey Jude.