Sunday, July 03, 2005


It's not entirely surprising that Ian McCulloch is so vociferous against Live 8, since Chris Martin invited Richard Ashcroft to take part instead of him and called Ashcroft the greatest singer and did one of his songs... erm, sorry, there's all sorts of problems with the idea. Yes, that's it:

On the eve of the concert, the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen told 6 Music that as far as he's concerned "it's the most spurious thing since the last time Geldof did his thing. I don't trust him, all it's going to benefit is the bands. Are the people who he was trying to feed last time still hungry? Probably. There's people in Kirby who... the whole thing's knackered - the whole world if you want to look at it negatively. It's all very well trying to do good but I've got things to look after back in Liverpool that are miles more important to me, and I can't even do that half the time."

Righto, then. That's, uh, clear...

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