Thursday, July 07, 2005


Suddenly, Samantha Mumba is in the news again; albeit for being stopped driving a car on an Irish motorway without tax, insurance or a driving licence. In court yesterday, she was able to provide an insurance certificate but didn't offer a licence or tax disc.

In a bid to prompt people's memories, Ireland Online described Mumba as having appeared in a "recent" Hollywood adpatation of the Time Machine. As recently as 2002.


Anonymous said...

Re: the bombings in London. Are you okay? My thoughts are with you.

--A fan in the U.S.

simon h b said...

Thank you - genuinely - for your concern; luckily I'm a good few miles up the road in Milton Keynes and away from the horrors of London.

Anonymous said...

Thank god you're fine. The few times I've been in London everyone was so great and wonderful. I was afraid I'd have to explain to everyone that even though I was a Yank, I hated Bush more than they possibly could. ;)

Not that bombings should happen anywhere but it's particularly bad when it happens to such nice people. Please stay safe.


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