Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Are we still beleiving that Pete is off the drugs? In which case, Doherty's announcement that he intends to star in a film of his own life can't be put down to coke-inflation, can it? Apparently, Pete believes that the media paints him as a tragic figure (we wonder why?) and he thinks that making a film all about himself and how great he is and everything will be a chance to "reconnect with his audience." We really hope that's a phrase that's lost something in translation, as we can take him as crack-smoking, lyric-forgetting, friend-burglarising, self-aggrandising fop, but if he's started to talk about himself as if he was a brand of processed cheese, it's really over.


Oswas said...

Oh gawd, can't we just lock him in a cupboard somewhere and lose the key...

Simon said...

Never mind having someone on standby to remind him of his lines, that production will need someone to remind him of the location.

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