Monday, July 18, 2005


Cheryl Tweedy doesn't seem to have quite got the point about tribute bands - rather than being surprised that anyone would bother to form a Girls Aloud tribute band, she's moaning that they're derivative:

"It's all a bit tragic for them. They should develop their own sound."

But... uh, aren't tribute bands meant to sound like the other band? Isn't that kind of the point?

Is it real... or is it Memorex?

Of course, Cheryl's worry might be that if somebody sees another band of fairly-pretty young things doing note-perfect versions of someone else's songs, there might be difficulty telling the difference between them and the other band. Cheryl frets:

"...people may even think they've seen us and I'd hate to take away from the unique performance we give fans."

But if you're delivering such a "unique" performance, how could anyone confuse your show with anybody else's?


Anonymous said...

Of course, CT has all the brains of a can of Heinz leak and potato soup, but... I've often wondered about the legal status of tribute bands. After all, if I opened a shop called "Every Little Helps - A tribute to Tescos" I'd have Messers Sue, Grabbit and Runne knocking on the door before I'd sold my first can of Cheryl Tweedy, right?

M.C. Glammer said...

Tribute bands work so much harder than the real thing to get it right. I wonder which toilet attendant is going to be getting a punch in the gob.

Thee Reverend said...

I can't stop smirking about the notion of "Every Little Helps - A Tribute to Tescos" - well done anonymous!!

Claire said...

i like how you can see the push up strapless bra of the one on the right. Kim? Nadine?
it terrifies me that I know their names/faces/songs, as I'm American and they're unknown here.

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