Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Ever since the Liverpool city council let the National Garden Festival site go to ruin, the valuable bits of the exhibition have been shunted around the city like an unloved wedding gift ornament from a visiting auntie. The Yellow Submarine which has for years been sat outside Chavasse Park has now found itself in the way of the Duke of Westminster's plans to convert the city into a giant shopping mall, and so it's been shunted off down to Speke Airport - sorry, put into a new location:

Leader of Liverpool City Council, Cllr Mike Storey said: "What better welcome can we give to visitors to this city then to have the yellow submarine right outside the airport?

"It fits in well with the Beatles theme which is developing at the airport."

We look forward to the giant signs yelling "Get Back" at people as they emerge from baggage reclaim at the John Lennon Airport.

The big question, of course, is what's happened to the Blue Peter Ship?


iiii said...

The Blue Peter Ship was put outside the Police HQ at Canning Place, but was removed after vandalism. I doubt it's been put back

simon h b said...

*marvels at the idea of something being vandalised outside the Police HQ*

Did it also have a spell outside the St John's Centre?

john said...

I don't recall the ship, but a BP viewer designed a slide in the form of a big dragon - the kids got to slide down it's tongue. Did they learn nothing from Zammo?

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