Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It's taken - what, five years, ten years, and watching the whole music industry grind to a halt, but it looks like at least someone in what they like to call 'the content industry' has realised that treating their customers with the presumption they're criminals isn't perhaps the best approach for a company. He's called Mitch Singer, and he's from Sony's movie division:

While acknowledging the difficulties involved in digital rights management, particularly with respect to incompatibilities between different systems, he suggested that it should be possible to make copies of legally acquired content.

He said that consumers should be able to buy a DVD and copy it onto their hard drive. “Shame on us. That is something we should have developed a long time ago,” he said, suggesting that Sony Pictures was looking to address this.

Good god... someone in the entertainment industry learning from their mistakes? Can it really be?