Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Did you miss any single, shining moment of Live 8? Want to watch the performances again? AOL Music has got it all for you:

On July 2, the world's biggest musicians converged at global concerts aimed at ending world poverty. AOL Music captured every note, and it's the only place you can relive every performance on-demand!

And it's true - London, Philly, Toronto; Paris, Berlin, Paris, Rome... everyone of the six concerts.

Oh, hang on... where's Tokyo and Moscow? And where's the grudging Africans-in-the-conservatory Cornwall gig?


Anonymous said...

But only if you use IE... and install their dodgy Active-X control... AND watch an advert for Windows XP tellling me it will improve my golf skills!?!?

And either the sound and visuals are out of sync, or Shakira is miming REALLY badly.

Not impressed.

simon h b said...

Even more oddly, on the Mac, they insist you can't use IE at all, but have to use Windows Media Player, which just makes no sense at all.

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