Saturday, July 16, 2005


We can hardly contain our excitement at the mystery of Christina Aguilera's arm. The burlesque artist and sometimes singer apparently is wearing a cast and sling due to an extraordinary accident at her home:

Aguilera, 24, sliced two tendons in her arm two weeks ago when she picked up a piece of glass from a vase her dog knocked over and broke in her Los Angeles-area house, publicist Jill Fritzo said Friday.

Now, we're not an expert in these things, but how exactly do you manage to cut through two tendons accidently? While picking up a piece of broken glass? And how do you do that to your own arm, rather than your hand? It sounds like a terrible piece of bad luck leading to a chain of unexpected events. But of course, it must be the truth and not merely a story cooked up to counter the one that everyone believes, that the injury occured during a drunken fight in a Paris nightclub.

More interestingly - what's with her hair these days, and is she actively trying for a 'Kelly Osbourne does Marilyn Monroe auditioning for a part in the Lil'Rascals' look?