Thursday, July 28, 2005

They come to our country /And think they'll do as they please

Blogcritics takes a brief break from its ever onward rightsward march to consider the worst song lyrics ever, taking apart John Mayer, Pete Yorn and others in the process...


Anonymous said...

I might be a little more impressed with this if they'd taken the trouble to find out that Barry Manilow didn't write 'I Write the Songs'- it kind of detracts from the attacks on him during the article. (It was written by Beach Boy Bruce Johnson)

Alan Connor said...

Glad you mentioned this.

I've been staring at it for a while now. I'm a proud, and very lazy, member of Blogcritics, but this is reminiscent of nothing so much as those lame bloggers who sit there smugly "fisking" some newspaper article or other.

I mean, Steinman! Yes, he is - duuuuuuuuuh - a little overblown. But somehow, crude and overdone bass drums and solos don't get such a prissy reaction (thank God).

Go write a lyric yourselves, milquetoasts. Because at the mo, you're just taking the fiskit.

Zuki said...

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