Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Starbucks continuing morphing into a record shop continues apace: they're introducing CD racks in their US and Canadian stores, in order to offer a wider range.

It's not known if HMV is intending to sell iced coffees and overpriced muffins in response. (Actually, the Brighton Virgin Megastore did used to have an American-style soda bar on its mezzanine level when we were hairy; we only ever saw the staff drinking in there, and eventually the ripped it out to make room for the vinyl albums when they increased CD floorspace).

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Simon Thornton said...

OMG, that soda bar in the old Virgin on Western Road. You should be glad you never tried it, I very foolishly did once. And just the once. I had problems seeing clearly after a drink and a pancake-type thing there, such were the sugar levels involved...


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