Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The ongoing saga of country music's own Pete Doherty, Mindy McCready, has taken another turn for the worse - following the announcement that she's being charged with being part of a con that (she claims) she helped police break, McCready took an overdose while at a Texas hotel.

Her attorney last week, Dennis Tomlon, only popped up to announce he wasn't her lawyer any more:

Tomlin had said earlier Monday that McCready "went down there to visit her mother when she found out about the potential charges in Arizona. The stress got to her and she ended up in the hospital."

He said at that time she was in intensive care.

Tomlin said Monday night the singer instructed him to keep further details private after retaining another attorney. He did not know the name of the new attorney.

McCready had been due to appear in court yesterday over a probation violation.

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