Sunday, July 24, 2005


We find ourselves worried about Genarro Castaldo - worried, and yet strangely fascinated. Does he ever take a break - a holiday, a long weekend; even a quiet fifteen minutes with a coffee and super sudoku? Or is it, as it seems, that he spends every waking moment looking for opportunities to push his employers' name into the papers?

Yesterday he popped up in the Independent, giving his opinions on the paper's 'Devon is the new Manchester' theory - "Music is very much an urban thing. The whole idea of an underground buzz needs a large number of people and, in rural areas, you don't get that kind of network" he suggests, before mentioning how many copies of Seth Lakeman's albums HMV has sold since he was nominated for ther Mercury (50 a day, up from, erm, zero beforehand).

We don't know if Genarro gets any extra sales from his tireless work, but he surely is more efficient than anyone else working for HMV.

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