Tuesday, July 05, 2005


We're aware that Grazia - the tatty looking weekly glossy mag - has the strapline "impatience is a virtue", but even so, you'd have to be impressed that they managed to cover Live 8 in such glorious detail this week. Despite going to press on a Friday. The Guardian's mediamonkey picks up the tale:

Particularly enterprising was the double-page spread purporting to show an audience "gathered in London's Hyde Park" - in fact a 10-day-old photograph from Glastonbury, with the word "Glastonbury" having miraculously disappeared from revellers' tell-tale green wristbands. Even more impressive was the "Grazia exclusive" on the poignant moment when Peaches Geldof "looking eerily like her late mother Paula Yates" wound her arms round her father's neck. Mystic Meg has nothing on this lot.

And they call us the cynical ones...

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