Tuesday, July 12, 2005


At last hip hop gets its own answer to I'm With The Band - although, disappointingly, Karrine Steffans' Confessions of a Video Vixen have been thoroughly legalled, which make them less fun. But there's still much fun to be had:

Though she never actually saw him take drugs during their six-month relationship in 2002-2003, Bobby Brown behaved like a man under the influence. She describes a conversation in which he kept nodding off while sitting on the toilet, and another in which he claimed he was a member of al- Qaida.

It's worth pointing out that Brown is the only one of the 16 blokes she writes about who's so far reacted, calling her a liar. Though he doesn't say what bits she's lying about.

The highlight, though, is the discovery that Usher is less of a panther in bed - more like George Costanza:

She and Usher Raymond used to share Subway sandwiches in bed in between lovemaking sessions in 2000.

Get your own copy:

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