Friday, August 26, 2005


As if his troubles weren't bad enough right now (being sued by his own auntie; inability to walk past a Superdrug without popping in for some Nytol; not having made a decent record in three years; members of D12 still managing to get hold of his cellphone number, etc) Eminem is being sued over the bus crash he wasn't involved in.

Lorry driver Breck Wyngarden and his wife Ascension Wyngarden were both involved in the Missouri bus crash which hospitalised Stat Quo and DJ Alchemist. They're suing the driver and the tour bus company, and presumably added Eminem's name to the action on the grounds that, heh, he's rich. Their action actually admits the tour bus only hit them because it swerved to avoid another crash, but, hey, someone's got to pay.

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