Thursday, August 18, 2005


In this week of Britpop's something or other anniversary, nice to finally (finally) here a sceptical viewpoint of all the hoopla, in the shape of Martin Carr from the Boo Radleys (at the time) and Bravecaptain (now):

"I was gutted when Creation signed to Sony, I'd never wanted to be on a major label and we were under much more pressure after that. It was also a chance for everyone to get away with more jingoism than usual.

"American music was great then, I loved all the Wu-Tang stuff and Pavement and Richie Hawtin."

And he shudders at the idea that the Boos had anything to do with Britpop anyway:

"I didn't like most of the new bands or the flag-waving. I didn't like New Labour or idolise Paul Weller and I hated media-generated movements within music."

Has he ever let us down?

Thanks to Jona for the tip on this one.


Jonny said...

He has! I remember a no show for a gig a few years ago at The Social. And tho he sez he didn't idolise PW I remember him saying that 'A Solid Bond in You Heart' (I think) had an influence on Wake up Boo!

Tomsk said...

What a spiteful, ingracious but above all bitter man it seems Carr has become. He has some neck resenting success others would kill for - nothing worse than a whinging has been. All those interviews about how him and Sice had dreamed of being popstars, rehearsing getting off the plane at JFK etc etc. He must have hated every moment of appearing on the front of the NME, on TOTP, on Richard and Judy, travelling the world, playing gigs, experiencing life. And "bands weren't given a chance to learn and grow" - well the Boos certainly were. "I certainly don't play any records from around that time except for hip-hop records"... yeah Martin you're way above all that indie schmindie maaan....

My said...

Yep, Tomsk: he definitely meant he was only listening to Pavement's hip-hop records.

simon h b said...

... and surely it's not saying he felt he was above indie when he was complaining about Creation turning themselves into a major?

I don't think he was complaining about the success the Boos had - more the way the band started to get packaged.

He did seem to be suggesting that it was the newer bands who got sucked into the Britpop machine who didn't get the chance to develop - Rialto, for example, who could have done wonderful things but got taken out the oven way too soon.

We have no truck with bitter men of rock round these parts, but I wouldn't say Carr is bitter...

Tomsk said...

If Creation hadn't signed up with Sony, Carr wouldn't have had a deal would he, and the world would be three(?) Boo Radleys albums the poorer. Though I suppose that would at least have allowed him to achieve the noble dignity of the poverty-stricken artiste a little sooner. And I daresay a few more tune-free bravecaptain albums. Silly boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh god... Rialto.

Did you have to remind me? The horror, the horror.

And yes, Carr can piss off too. Wake up, Mr.Boo hoo hoo Major Label. Should have walked away from it then, shouldn't you, back to your electro-hip hop obscurity. Prat.

martin carr said...

No show at the social? I was there mate, I wasn't allowed to play because there was nae room on the stage for my band.

Liking the Jam has got nothing to do with idolising Weller, has it?

I loved being in the band and doing all the things we had dreamnt of doing. Where do i say anything to the contrary?

Why do you make up the quote
"I certainly don't play any records from around that time except for hip-hop records" I never said that. I did say that American music was great around then and named a couple of examples. Why make up a quote to tailor your point? I did listen to hip hop and indie and electronica and jazz and dub and folk and etc. Pardon me all over the place if that does that not fit in with yr preconceptions.

Not all Creation bands were put on the Sony roster. We could have got a deal elsewhere. You try dealing with those wankers.

And you seem to think I like being skint??? Words fail me...

Happy new year y'all

Martin x

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