Tuesday, August 02, 2005


How does Brett Anderson intend to fill in the time between the first and second Tears albums? By sticking out a solo work, which is going to be a Coxonesque low-key release rather than a four-ring media circus. Or so he says now:

"I kind of half finished it a year ago and I’ve been living with it and we’re just putting a few final touches to it. It should be released next year and I’m very proud of it... [It will probably be released] early next year in between the two Tears albums. Once I’ve finished touring The Tears album I’ll just put it out. It’s not going be a big push or anything, but I think it’s a really good record."

The album is expected to draw several comparisons between outsiders and garbage, the possibility of having unexpected sex on a weekend night, and to feature at least one track which has an "I am the king of the world, we together are unstoppable" lyric to it.

Actually pretty good, you know:

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