Thursday, August 18, 2005


Britney watchers have concluded from the signs (viz. buying six grand on boy's clothes) that the baby currently in her belly may well be a boy.

Christina Aguilera is reported to have curled her lip (as far as the piercings allow) and tutted "Huh... boys are, like, so over. I can't believe she'd even be, yknow, bothering with having a boy."

Somehow, and we're not sure how, the speculation has also widended out to ponder what the name for this boy, if boy it be, might be. Preston, apparently.

We presume she's naming him after Michael Bolton.


Anonymous said...

Or the dog in Wallace and Gromit's "Close Shave"...

N_arend said...

Okay I think Christina is jealous that Britney got married first and is now having a baby first. Britney has done it all first an i think Christina is really jealous...

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