Thursday, August 18, 2005


The Charlatans will have no choice but to shoot drummer Jon Brookes after he revealed sensitive details about the band's new album, including that it it will sound like the Charlatans:

Speaking about the sound of the record in the band’s online studio diary at, drummer Jon Brookes said: “The sound or vibe of the record is very true to the band, in as much as this time we've recorded the whole group together live. This in my opinion has made the band sound harmonious and it's very strange that after so many records, to have chosen this, the oldest of techniques.”

He added: “With the twelve tunes that have been recorded the album has taken a kind of "dubby" twist, but this is all the information I can give at present, as I will surely be shot for giving the game away.”

Still, it's a nice excuse for a nice photo of Tim Burgess:

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Fab new album!!!!

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