Friday, August 05, 2005


There's been a great deal of excitement over the possibilty that Prada - who make more expensive versions of the clothes you can buy in any highstreet store - might hire Kasabian to be their new models. Kasabian's spokespeople are playing it down slightly:

"There has been a lot of talk about an advertising deal with Prada, but the lads are considering their next move before committing to anything. They do hang out with a lot of models and people from the fashion world - which is where the idea must have come from."

This sounds to us like the hope a slightly more rugged company will come forward and snatch them up. Mind you - "they do hang out a lot with models" - what the sort of buggery is that meant to mean? It has echoes of Mr. Lister's "I know architects and doctors, Reeves", if you ask us.

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Claire said...

by "they do hang out a lot with models" do they mean Kate Moss tried to fuck one/all of them but they rejected her? Many people reading this comment (if it gets read) may think this is just a Kate Moss is a slut joke but it's actually true.

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